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Rob Horvath's debut album, Creation, is an instrumental interpretation of the biblical story of creation. Through ambient synthesizer textures, orchestral underpinnings and often primal percussive rhythms, he inspires the listener to visualize in his or her mind's eye several key elements of the story. There are sixteen tracks spanning over ninety minutes of music. Creation is available for purchase as a digital download or as a double-CD here on this site.

Creation received nominations for the 2010 Covenant Awards in two categories: Instrumental Album of the Year, and Classical / Traditional Song of the Year (for Creation Overture). It also received a nomination for the 10th annual Independent Music Awards - New Age album.


Track list:

  1. Play Creation Overture
  2. Play Formless and Empty / "Let There Be Light"
  3. Play Sky
  4. Play Seas
  5. Play Land / Vegetation
  6. Play Sun, Moon, and Stars
  7. Play Creatures of the Air
  8. Play Creatures of the Sea
  9. Play Animals
  10. Play Man - Part 1: From Dust
  11. Play Man - Part 2: The Awakening
  12. Play Man - Part 3: Exploring the Garden
  13. Play Man - Part 4: The Deep Sleep
  14. Play Eve
  15. Play Adam's Song (featuring Sean Croley on vocals)
  16. Play Rest

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World: $27.00 including shipping.



Digital Download:

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